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Kris Kobe


Kobe is a Designer & Art Director at M.R. DANIELSON ADVERTISING.

Kris has spent his career nurturing his skills in branding, advertising, design, graphics, account management and digital media productions. His talents are in designing creative solutions while managing the client projects in an intelligent and creative way. Kris is a master of all digital technology including the entire Adobe suite and his publishing skills produce precise and accurate marketing campaigns.  Wether a small project or a full scale advertising campaign he understands the importance of keeping the brand apparent at all times. He understands this balance of design, message and clarity and how crucial it is to a successful integrated marketing campaign. Kris has worked with a long list of clients including Agropur, Dunwoody College, RMS Connectors, 7-Sigma, Comet Tool, Fantom Optics, Hide-A-Grip, The Connection, Brede, and Global Language Institute.

‘Kobe’ has a Bachelor of Arts degree in advertising and design communication from The Arts Institute International of Minneapolis with a focus in branding and digital solutions. His talents include print design, web site design, strategic planning, creative development, digital media management, social media integration, and phenomenal client interaction.