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Monique Bellefille

MoniqueMonique is a Creative Director at M.R. DANIELSON ADVERTISING and is the managing partner of our Social Media Division – CACOON.

Monique has spent her career nurturing long-term client relationships in advertising, social media, branding, marketing, sales and client interaction. Her talents lie in representing the advertising agency to new accounts and presenting the best communication solutions to new and existing clients in an intelligent and creative way. Monique understands what it takes to secure accounts as well as keeping them as a valued client. She is always on-target and on-brand at all times and knows how to deliver successful advertising campaigns. She strategizes and interacts with a long list of clients and is focused on growing our social media division in downtown Saint Paul. Her goals are bold, strategic and are focused for future market success.

Monique has a Bachelor of Arts degree in marketing communications studies from the Metropolitan College of New York with a focus in social media and digital solutions. With years of experience in NYC she brings a valuable asset to the growth of our New York City division. Her talents include strategic planning, creative development, website development, social media buzz, and intense content analytics.