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M. R. DANIELSON Advertising Creates “Digital Design that Reaches Beyond the Stars.” We Develop Brand Systems, Corporate Identity, Online Content, Web Developments, Print Campaigns, Packaging Design, & Outdoor Media.

Brilliant digital design encircles our clients communications with a cohesive brand of services dressed in continuity and uniformity. Digital design creates the framework, platform, and structure needed for successful advertising campaigns. design projects, web developments, social media, and online marketing all rely on digital design for their creation. When developing digital systems and their interconnections it is essential all components work together seamlessly. When developing effective marketing strategies and visual communications, digital design is essential in forming messages that relate an idea, image or brand to an audience.

Our entire communication industry is engulfed with digital media, creative agencies use digital design in their communications, and designers wake to their computer everyday to create new electronic designs to convey their messages. We are living in the digital era! It is the media choice for the future. I see digital design as the technology resource and network for future communication innovations. Print is not dead, but digital is leading the way to new innovations. “We are totally digital and truly integrated.”


Brand Strategy & Identity | Corporate Communications  | Print Campaigns | Web Environments | Packaging Design | Digital Network Systems

Visual Communications & Graphic Design Systems

Digital Design is the tool of choice for creatives when building brand strategies and graphic systems. Creating precise, accurate, and flawless visual communications requires the expertise of digital designer. Our digital studios use the latest technology platforms and have expertise in the Adobe products. Such staples as InDesign, Illustrator & Photoshop all help the designer create effective marketing materials. Digital design systems have streamlined advertising production to become the easiest it has ever been. But without amazing design skills and compelling ideas, ‘digital is just a blank screen.’


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“Launch Your Creative.”

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Digital Design Encompasses our "Six Service Matrix Programs"

All of our ‘Six Service Matrix Programs” utilize digital design and production. From print campaigns, online content, web & theme design, identity systems, graphic design, packaging and outdoor media all encompass digital media to help develop their message. A successful digital design campaign needs to be created by experienced graphic designers and produced by skilled digital technicians. We have that team! The digital designs we create for our clients are dynamic, vivid, bold, and inspiring, and these communications leave memorable brand impressions to their customers.

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