What cannot be said in words or expressed in thought is brought to light in art & design. Creativity is “a freely given superabundance of the human being’s inner riches” presented in a way that closely approximates God’s creativity, inspiration, passion, skill, and love. All of this expressed by the artist so as to give a valid form to something new, a previously unseen aspect of reality.

Welcome to the “Historic Summit Atelier”

at·el·ier   pronounced / a-tᵊl-ˈyā

1. a workshop, creative studio, one used by master artists or designers.

The Historic Summit Atelier is the Design Studio of Creative Director Michael R. Danielson.

This compelling studio space is filled with creative energy and is where the artist and his apprentices congregate, explore, experiment, design, and create their advertising masterpieces. Many creative concepts, marketing strategies, websites, online campaigns, digital designs, videos, and images were created and inspired at the Atelier. Atelier is the French word for “workshop”, and in English is used principally for the studio of an artist in the fine, decorative, or media arts. The Atelier is home to Creative Director Michael R. Danielson a professional advertiser, designer, teacher, and artist working with businesses to promote their companies with the highest principles of art and design today.

The 6,000 square foot mansion was financed and built by J. D. Lovingston in 1906. This majestic and inspiring medieval art atelier began when Artist J.G.Vysekel immigrated to Saint Paul from Europe in 1907 and performed at this premier art school on Historic Summit hill. The Atelier owned by Lovingston commissioned Vysekel to create authentic paintings, drawings, sculptures and stained glass windows in this exquisite home. The Historic Summit Atelier is one of the first authentic art atelier’s in the midwest. This space is considered a superior studio for the training of creatives into the art and design field. The current “Atelier method” at the studio is integrating design, fine art, and creativity modeled after the private art studios of Europe.

The Historic Summit Atelier offers advertising programs and single project designs: Brand strategy, digital design, online marketing, multi media, and social media campaigns. This studio is where original creations are produced with the latest digital design systems. Many of our campaigns have been presented in various galleries & design shows. The Atelier vision is to build powerful creative alliances with selected clients. entrepreneurs, artists, writers, musicians and those who are passionate in the mission defined above. The Atelier also works with partners creating amazing advertising, marketing & design, and social events and gatherings.

Historic Summit Atelier is building powerful creative alliances with selected artists and businesses who are passionate in the mission defined above. Contact us today! Believe.