What cannot be said in words or expressed in thought is brought to light in art & design. Creativity is “a freely given superabundance of the human being’s inner riches” presented in a way that closely approximates God’s creativity, inspiration, passion, skill, and love. All of this expressed by the artist so as to give a valid form to something new, a previously unseen aspect of reality.

Welcome to the ‘St. Paul Design Center’

M. R. DANIELSON ADVERTISING – Integrated Marketing & Design

St. Paul Design Center. The Studio of Creative Director Michael R. Danielson.

This St. Paul Design Center is a historic masterpiece of compelling studio spaces alive with creative energy, marketing enlightenment, and an entrepreneurial spirit. Those who who visit experience it. This Design Center is where creation and inspiration become contagious. This studio space is home to Creative Director Michael R. Danielson. A professional advertiser, designer, educator, and artist working closely with businesses to help market and promote their products and services. Come take a visit today.

This Summit Avenue mansion was financed and built by J. D. Lovingston in 1906. This majestic and inspiring medieval architecture began when Artist J.G.Vysekel immigrated to St. Paul from Europe in 1907 and performed at this art school on Historic Summit hill. The home owner commissioned Vysekel to create authentic paintings, ornate woodwork, sculptures and stained glass windows in this exquisite mansion; which became one of the first art studios in the upper midwest.

The St. Paul Design Center offers many advertising services, from full campaigns to single project designs. Our ‘Six Service Matrix’ program offers: Brand strategy, website development. social media, digital design, online marketing, and multi media. This studio is where creativity meets marketing. Our agency team utilizes the latest digital design systems today. Many of our client campaigns have received awards, exhibited in galleries and presented in design shows. The M. R. DANIELSON Advertising vision is to build powerful creative alliances with selected clients and entrepreneurs.  The Design Center is home to marketers, designers, writers, and artists work closely with our clients to create and develop amazing advertising masterpieces.  Contact us today. 651-324-5078. | Believe