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M. R. DANIELSON ADVERTISING's Historic Summit Design Center

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M. R. DANIELSON ADVERTISING is a marketing and design agency established in 1988. In 1991 MRD left his home and entered downtown St. Paul becoming St. Paul’s premier adverting agency. In 2008 the agency came back home to the 1906 Historic Medieval Summit Mansion. This is where the agency resides now. The home was completely remodeled to fit the new envisioned creative model. All the detailed woodwork, aspiring stained glass, historic wall paintings, fireplaces, ‘speakeasy’ billiard room with pinball, bar, and wine cellar, open porches, and inspirational landscaped gardens were brought back to their historic origin.

For over four decades, our proven success has made us a leading advertising agency delivering successful projects and campaigns to thousands of clients. MRD is equipped with modern technologies: full digital design studio, creative suites, video & photography studio, marketing presentation & meeting rooms.

Such History ~ “Creating Endless Marketing Masterpieces.”

Securing A Legacy of Advertising for the Next Generation

Brand Strategy. Website Development & Hosting, Social Media, Online Marketing, Digital Design, & Multi Media.

As a young man fascinated to start a creative business, Michael R. Danielson would dream, imagine, and envision what this innovative agency would look like. He knew there had to be client interaction, talented creatives, high-end digital design, and an environment filled with creativity that lifts people up to build marketing masterpieces. This studio has a history filled of art & design and you can feel the creative energy when you enter.

Come visit and feel the energy ~ “Inspiration is All Around You.”

This agency believes in lasting partnerships. What we learn today should be passed down, preserved, and enhanced if possible. Ones talent is not just a gift, it is a tool we are given to move this world toward a better place. Our teams work together on projects as we exchange ideas and concepts back and forth with our clients. Our goal is simple, come up with successful creative campaigns providing statistics and analytics that prove advertising results. We believe in long-term client relationships.

Together It’s really that simple  ~ “We Build Your Brand Together.”

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