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SERVING UP - Projects, Campaigns, & Programs

M. R. DANIELSON Advertising developed the ‘Designer Diner’ menu of projects. Working with our agency is fun and exciting. We want to make your experience as easy as possible. So we priced our services in a creative way. See our unique offers: Single Projects, Integrated Campaigns. Annual Managed Programs. We look forward to working with you on all of your marketing and design needs. Give us a call today to get a meeting scheduled. | 651-324-5078

SMORGASBORD - Integrated Marketing & Design

Creative Marketing & Design: $200.00 hour | Digital Production: $160 hour | Project Pricing: Budget

SINGLE PROJECTS: Corporate Identity, Logos, Signage, Packaging, Brochures, Menus, Direct Mail, Posters, Billboards, Websites, Splash Pages, Email Marketing, Social Media , Advertisements, Photography, Video, and Environmental Design.

SERVICE MENU: Project & Campaign Costs

Projects & Campaigns: Priced per project, monthly fee, or an annual basis. Services includes: Strategy, concept & creation, marketing & design, art direction, content creation, and digital production. Each project we create for our clients has an exact budget with a complete breakdown of costs. All changes and alterations are included in the final budget.

Package Deals:  Consist of a variety of options from our ‘Six Service Matrix’ program that are billed monthly or annually. Great deals with excellent returns. These campaigns are managed and documented using the latest content analytics for assessing overall advertising results.

Single Service Projects:

Single or Multiple Projects: Marketing, Design, & Digital Production Costs. Full Project Descriptions. Budget Presented.

Integrated Marketing & Design Campaigns:

A Marketing Plan that Includes Specific Selections from the ‘Six Service Matrix’ program. Package Deal Savings. Budgets Presented.

'Six Service Matrix' Program:

Communication Plan and Marketing Strategy. Integrated Marketing & Design Campaign. Customized program based on service selections. Invoiced on a monthly or annual basis. Best overall value package.

Brand Strategy

Advertising Strategies & Communication Plans

Budgets Presented


Website Development

Design & Programming: Websites, Splash Pages, E-Commerce, Social media Integration, Catalogs, Stores, & Online Environments.

Introductory Website - Special Offer.

Package A: Basic Website.

Package B: Standard Website.

Package C: Advanced Website.

$1,800.00 – 2,800.00

$3,200.00 – 5,000.00

$6,800 – 10,200.00

$12,800 – 30,000.00


'VPS' Website Hosting

VPS (Virtual Private Server) Secure Hosting, Site Management, Theme Updates, Analytics, Space, & Archives.

Package A: Basic 'VPS' Hosting Package.

Backup, Security, Analytics, Limited Space.

Package B: Standard 'VPS' Hosting Package

Backup, SSL Security, Analytics. Unlimited Space.

Package C: Superior 'VPS' Hosting Package

Backup, SSL Security, Analytics, E-Commerce. Upgrade Speed, Unlimited Space.

$480.00 annually


$680.00 annually

$780.00 – $1,200.00 annually

Online Marketing

Monthly Online Marketing: Strategy, Create Ad Campaigns, Email Sends & Social Media Integration.

Introductory Special Offer:

Package A:

Package B:

Package C:

$1,800.00 monthly

$2,200.00 monthly

$2,800.00 monthly

$3,400.00 monthly


GOOGLE PPC & Adwords Campaigns

Budgets Presented

Digital Design

Digital Design Production. Concept & Creation, Theme Layout, Print Design, & Digital Setup.

Concept, Design & Digital Production

Budgets Presented


Social Media

Social Media Campaigns. Brand Strategy, Theme Design, Marketing, Ad Creation, Post Monthly Content, & Increase Customer Loyalty.

Social Media Brand Development

Budgets Presented


Multi Media

Studio and Location Photography. Video Creation, Editing, & Programing. Prices Based on Complexity of the Story.

Studio & Location Photography

Custom Video Projects & Video

Day: $1,800.00. Hourly: $280.00

Options: $1,800.00 - $8,600.00


Agency Provides: Printing Services, Content Data Management & Digital Archiving Programs

Call Mike at 651-324-5078 to set up a meeting or e-mail us to request our advertising marketing communications packet.